This was by far the most labor intensive paper sculpture I have made. In the 3d modeling program Blender I had to unwrap each piece separately. Then I rearranged the uv islands into organized groups according to which tube the belonged to. In order to reduce the edges that were printed on each piece I used the vector illustration program inkscape to erase unneeded edges.

This sculpture came directly from this sketch.  I did not scan the sketch into the computer, but I did use it as a guide to build the 3d model.

I printed the entire sculpture on one large piece of paper using a plotter. It was much easier to cut the pieces out because of this, but the gluing of the tubes was a tedious process and filled with errors. The largest problem was that many of the sections of the tubes did not fit exactly and it was very difficult to glue them together while maintaining a reasonably small distance between the printed lines of each section.
The last image is the left over paper from the printed net after I
cut out all the pieces.