stands about 50 centimeters tall.   paper, glue

stands about 50 centimeters tall. paper, glue

Por Fin (or maybe I should say “Per fi!”) I have finished this project.  After finding a copisteria in Barcelona that could print funny lines on paper with odd dimensions, and after a bit of work cutting and gluing, I built a fairly good representation of the 3d model. Because of the thickness of the paper and the fact that I am not a robot, I only built 7 of the planned 14 spirals. The tip of the last spiral is insanely small. I included some photos of the black rings that were used to construct one of the smaller spirals to give an idea of the scale. If I have more time I might try to make a few more spirals, but it is so tedious I probably will leave it at 7. I cut out 133 pieces of paper to make this.

This was also my first paper sculpture made with thicker, colored paper. The paper is much nicer to work with because it scores easily and has enough stiffness to hold the shape of large sculpture. My next to projects are going to be experiments with brighter colored paper and even more ambitious shapes.